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At Curat, we have a team of highly qualified Doctors , Nurses, Care takers, Physiotherapists, Mental health specialist and Others, who have come together to serve. We intend to use artificial Intelligence, advance tracking and other technological measures to make sure patients are taken care of in the best possible way. Book an appointment to avail Curat's Home healthcare services.

About Us

Curat Apartment

How it Works


A Curat nurse will be permanently stationed at the society from 9 AM to 7 PM


Patients can walk into the room for any kind of illness / elder patients can request a home visit.


The nurse will diagnose it if it is a basic illness


If needed, the nurse will contact our dedicated doctors who will examine patient via our app’s video call feature with nurse’s support

A society typically has over 100 families living there. Everyone has to go out to see a doctor when someone falls ill in the family. What if you don’t have to go outside the society at all?

At Curat apartment, we bring home the same expertise to your society free of cost to the families

Why Curat

We have a round the clock Support Team to address all your concerns and we use technology to make life better for all our partners like no one does:

One of our unique way of caring for our patients even when they don’t know is our DistressCure. DistressCure is an application which our caretakers carry while they visit you. It picks up any distress noise in the surrounding and creates a loop within Curat to ensure it is addressed quickly

We use AI for a number of things right from onboarding a caretaker to a partner to safety. Our goal is to improve Partner Happiness Quotient

Our live tracker monitors our nurses with the location’s given parameter. Before going out, they need to log the visit details, failing to do this will trigger an investigation loop at Curat

And that’s not all, let our counselor come to your home and explain all the benefits in detail and how we are not like other service providers!

Our Services


Do you have a loved one just out of surgery and needs special care? Or someone who has been ill and needs extra precautions and better care?Let us know, we will come to you and Curat home


Trained Attendants

Is a loved one in need of constant monitoring, medications, needs someone to do work round the clock? Let us know, we will come to you and Curat home


Elderly Care

Parents grow old and need more care than ever. Whether you are with them or work keeps you apart, we are waiting to get a chance to make their life comfortable and joyful. Let us know, we will come meet them and Curat home


Newborn Baby and Mother care

With the newborn in our world, both child and mother needs special care. Both are unique requirements to ensure they be their best in years to come. We have specialized nurses to help. Let us know, we will come to you and Curat home



You work a lot and it gets tiresome. Sometimes it is a llingering back pain, sometimes an injury or maybe a frozen shoulder. We have specialized physiotherapist who can heal you at home Let us know, we will come and Curat home


Temporary Caretaker

We understand that sometimes, you want a caretaker to come once a day and check the health of patient or check the wound or do dressing etc. Don’t worry! We have you covered and we will send the best nurse and Curat home


Doctor Consulations

It will pain us to see you go see a doctor when you are unwell. It may just be something small. Our specialist doctors will speak with him and suggest a way forward. 95% of the times, it is solved within minutes. Let us know, we will come to you and Curat home


Lab Tests

Once the doctor suggests some tests, our expert will come to your house and do the needful. The lab results will then be emailed to you. Let us know, we will come to you and Curat home.


Mental Health

Psychological and mental well-being leads to good mental health. It is extremely useful to let yourself open in conversation with experts and allow the mind to be free, and heal if required. Our experts guide you in the right direction and help you cope with things you felt are part of your life


Meet Our Team

Kripa S Singh

Founder & Business Lead

Kripa S Singh

Founder & Business Lead

We want every patient we serve to feel that we make a difference in the home healthcare service sector. We will get there with our technological advancements and addressing patient's requirements with compassion!

Deepak Jayakumar

Co-Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Deepak Jayakumar

Co-Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Accomplishments never happen by staying in your comfort zone.

Arjun P A

Technical Lead

Arjun P A

Technical Lead

When I need to find strength during the dark days, I look towards my mother and admire her resilience to combat whatever life throws at her. Her strength is what keeps me going every day.

Vinod Suresh

Product and Marketing

Vinod S

Product and Marketing

It's not only about ideas. It's about making them happen too. I do that!

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